“Sell Yourself”

When our professor told us to make a video showcasing ‘how we would actually sell ourselves’ to the audience I was really unsure of what I will do.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Being a very private person and an introvert, I find that I am being put on a spotlight – which is something I am uncomfortable with. I really haven’t thought about my achievements, sometimes I don’t think they even matter and I am just doing my ‘job’.

But I understand as well that I have to get out of the “box” and my own comfort zone if I want to start exploring the marketing ‘field’ and that I need to be able to put myself ‘out there’ to further enhance my skills and abilities in digital marketing.

I have to be able to market my own self and take the fear out of it.

“I have to be able to market my own self.”

Looking back, I am very grateful of this activity because for once I actually understood the importance of knowing my own worth, and not downplaying any of my achievements no matter how small it is in the eyes of the society. What actually matters is what I think about it and the lessons I have learned from it.

Photo by Darina Belonogova on Pexels.com

With this in mind, instead of creating the usual “Sell Yourself” video that talks about what are my achievements and what I have attained in life, I have instead decided to create a video that will share the most important lessons that I have learned during my journey in life.

Now I present to you my video – “What I Have Learned”

Thank you and much love!!!



2 thoughts on ““Sell Yourself””

  1. Hi Concepcion 🙂

    Interesting topic — I’ve DLed the post to read (+ perhaps review) later.

    Strictly speaking, the video belongs to YT / GOOG — and they’re mainly intersted in their own business, not yours. 😉

    I actually find the musical bed distracting (LOL, I also listen to my own music while working, which I had to shut off). I would suggest to instead not use *any* musical bed at all. Plus, that way, you can simply publish mp3 files (thereby turning it into a real “podcast”. I much prefer listening when I am on the “go”, and then you would normally have much more “undivided” attention.

    🙂 Norbert

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    1. I am very surprised but thank you for your comments. LOL. We have the video and the blogpost as part a short course class project. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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